Blank page appearing in Webdadi


How to remove the blank page

If you have a blank page appearing these steps will help clear it:


Step 1:
You need to clear the Internet Explorer (IE) cache. You can do it by completing the following:

  • Choose Tools from top right panel menu in Internet Explorer. This will look like a cog.
  • From drop down menu choose Internet Options.
  • Click on the General tab and scroll down to Browsing History.
  • Press the Delete button. This will display another window. Please make sure that all boxes are ticked but untick the first one: Preserve Favourites websites data; this will clear the cache and cookies.
    Note: this will also clear your password to Webdadi. 
  • Close Internet Explorer completely and reopen it.

Step 2:
After clearing down Internet Explorer cache you will have to setup Webdadi and retype your username and password:

  • Access the login page to Webdadi.
  • On login screen please run Webdadi setup. Close Internet Explorer down in full once you have done this (Run, Yes, Ok, then close IE)
  • Next, enter your username and password
      a. Your username is your email address
      b. Password
  • Then you can click 'Remember me' before you login. This will mean the system will remember your login details on that computer.
  • You can now use Webdadi as normal.

Please Download these instructions

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