Auto email information

What triggers an auto email to an applicant?

Auto emails for properties will be triggered if the following criteria are met:

  • A new instruction is added (images must be attached) 
  • If a property status has changed back to being available for sale
  • If new images are added 
  • If the price has been changed 
  • If the property has been marked as Allow this property to be sent via email
  • If the property is not set as hidden from web.

If you want to manually trigger an auto email, search for the property via Property. Highlight the property, right click on it and select Marketing options, and then Trigger Auto Email. This will only be available if you are on the Marketing (CRM) package with Webdadi.


This will bring up a popup confirmation to say Are you sure you want to trigger an auto email for this property? This will force a property email to be sent to all matching applicants subscribed to automated emails.

Please note that if any of the above numbered requirements have not been met then the option to auto trigger an email for that property will not be available when you right click.

Please Download these instructions