Applicant does not want to receive emails


How to stop email notifications coming through to your contacts and applicants

When an applicant notifies you that they no longer wish to receive automatic notices, this is how you remove them from the email mailouts:

1. Log into Webdadi
2. Click on Contacts
3. Click on Advanced Search
4. Under the Email address section select Like
5. In the empty box to the right of this, type in the user's email address
6. Click on Search.
7. When the contact appears, right click on the contact and select Modify Contact
8. Go to the Applicant tab. In the bottom section there is a tick box stating "applicant to receive automated emails." Untick this box.
9. Click on Apply and then OK.
If you are unable to find them using the email address, an alternative way of removing them is possible if they forward the email they received to you. Scroll to the bottom of the email and use the link to modify their search criteria to remove them.

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