Displaying agent contact details displaying on property


You can have the option of adding an individual Estate Agent's details to a property

This feature can be useful if you'd like people viewing your website to contact one or two particular team members within your Estate Agency about any properties displayed. Adding an individual estate agent and their picture to a property can be done once the Agent is added within the Contacts section of Webdadi:

  • Log into Webdadi
  • Select Property from the blue menu options on the left.
  • Select Search to bring up all properties, or look for the individual property you wish to add the Estate Agent’s name to.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the pop up to Internal. Find Contact Agent in this section and right click on the image of a person to the right of this box. This will bring up the Contact search option.
  • As you need to find any agents you have in Webdadi, select Search to bring up all contacts, or you can go to the third dropdown menu and select Agents and then Search. This will filter then for Agents at your company only.
  • Find the Property agent you wish to add to your property.
  • Click on them to highlight this Estate Agent and select Ok.
  • This Agent will now be added to the property. If you click through to the property you will see their image, contact details, and any associated quotes.

    How to add images and quotes to an Estate Agent profile:
    If you have never added an image to your Estate Agents, firstly you can do that. You can also set it up so that quotes will also be included under their contact details, like the image here below.
  • Log into Webdadi
  • Click on Contacts from the blue menu on the left. Select Search to bring up all contacts, or filter by Agents.
  • Find the Contact (Estate Agent individual) you wish to amend.
  • If they’re not yet an agent, you can tick An agent in the top right corner of the popup.
  • If you’d like details including their Job Title (for example, Lettings Manager), Phone number, and email address to appear, add this in at the top in the Contact section.
  • Now click on the Additional tab.
  • Add their Twitter handle, but do not include the @ symbol in this page. Simply add Webdadi or estateagentname
  • Finally click on the Media tab. Here you can add an profile picture of the Estate Agent like the octagonal image in the example. Select Browse and find the image of the Estate Agent whose picture you would like to display. Once you have found the image select Open. Then Ok to save.

For more information on how to do this, please refer to the PDF guide below, Agent contact details displaying on properties.


Please Download these instructions

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