Adjusting an image to suit your website


How to modify an image so you can add it to Configuration and it will fit the other images on the applicable website page

If you would like to resize an existing menu item you can do this with the Image Manipulation tool available in Webdadi. 

  • From here you can select OPEN IMAGE FROM COMPUTER
  • Find the image you wish to modify
  • Click on Image from the top menu items, and select Image Size.
  • Select the size you want to change the image to. If you know that the image needs to be 384px high, then ensure that the height is adjusted to that now. 
  • Now select Image from the top menu items and select Canvas Size
  • Change the image size to what you need for your site. Within Anchor, click on the centre box if you wish for this to be where it crops from. This will ensure it will crop from the centre of your image.
  • Select Ok
  • The image will now save as the new size. Because you have made sure the height was correct, it should resize it from that image and have no additional white around the image.
  • Select File, and Save.
  • Type in the name for the file, select the type of file you would like to save it as (for example jpeg), and make sure the quality is moved to 100%, and select Ok.
  • Now choose where you would like to save the image on your computer
  • Select Save.

For detailed instructions on how to edit your images, see the PDF below, Adjusting or resizing images for your website.


Please Download these instructions