Adding company information footers


If you would like to display your full company information or company details on your website you now can in the footer.

Some councils now require businesses list their full company details on their website. We now help you to comply with this requirement by adding a Company Information section in the footer of your website.

  • Firstly you need to create a Website Page called company-information. Follow the instructions on how to add a Website Page, by clicking on Configuration, then selecting Website Page from the dropdown, and following the instructions contained in the above hyperlink.
  • Within this page include all the relevant information about your company. 
  • In the Summary section at the top, ensure you call the page company-information. [Remember that the Summary line forms the URL on a Website Page.]
  • Ensure that you make the page visible once you have created it.
  • Select Ok to save the page.
  • The Company Information page will now automatically display at the bottom of your website, and will link to the new page you have just created - like in our illustration below.

Please Download these instructions

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