How to add an internal staff member or contact to Webdadi


If you have a new staff member, you can add them to Webdadi and give them specific access to the system

To add a staff member to Webdadi, firstly you'll need to create a new contact (just like you would for an Applicant).

  • Log into Webdadi
  • Click on Contacts from the left menu in blue. 
  • On the right, click on Add to add a new contact.
  • Add the Title, First Name and Last Name
  • Tick if the contact is an Applicant or Internal Staff member (you can select both if they are internal)
  • Select an office for the person to be assigned to (it doesn’t matter if they are assigned to all offices but they MUST be assigned to at least one).
  • Ensure you include an email address as this is the unique identifier for each contact in your Webdadi system.
  • Select the Additional tab at the top of the contact box.
  • Two thirds of the way down in the Login Details section, select Active. Now type in a generic password for the user.  They can change this when they log in for the first time.
  • Click Apply to save the password changes you have made.
  • Now the Super User will need to assign their Webdadi User Rights. This is also on the Additional tab.

Changing the staff member's Webdadi User Rights:

  • While in the specific Contact, click onto the Additional tab.
  • Look for the blue hyperlinked Webdadi User Rights and click on this
  • Click on the boxes for any access the staff member should be given
  • Select Ok to save
  • NOTE: For a full list of Webdadi User Rights for your staff, please contact the Webdadi helpdesk.

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