Adding a website page to your website


How to add a website page and then to link it to your existing dropdown menus

You may want to add a new page to your website, for example, a Meet the Team page or a More Information page, Tenancy Fees, or even Tenancy Information page.

Here is a summary on how to do this. Or you can go to the bottom for a comprehensive PDF guide on adding a new page and connecting it to your menus:

  • Log into Webdadi and click Configuration from the left-hand menu
  • Click the drop down menu (beside Manage – pictured below) and select Web Page and press List.
  • Firstly you need to create the page that you want to display. E.g. More Information.
  • Select Add
  • Amend the summary to a name that is all lower case with no spaces, e.g. more-info
  • Go to Title and add a title for your page
  • In the Content section, add your content.
  • At the bottom ensure you tick Visible.

    Now you need to create a Web Link for this page so it can be directed to a dropdown menu that already exists on your site:
  • From Configuration, select Web Link from the dropdown menu to the right of Manage. Select List. This will show all of the existing links to each page of your site
  • Select Add.
  • Create a Web Link page for your newly created page above. Change Summary to be a title with no spaces (use “-“ for any spaces instead)
  • Under Title, simply add the title for your page
  • Then under “URL:” type the name of the Website Page you have created and add a forward slash before the name, all in lower case. E.g. /newpage
  • Tick visible
  • Select OK to save

    Now you want to assign this web link to the page you created and place it under the relevant menu on your website:
  • Go to Web Link and select List. Select the menu item you wish to add your new page to. Double click on this menu item – it might be called “menu_contact”
  • Click on Sub Menu
  • Select Add
  • You will be directed to find the Web Link you just created (e.g. newspage). This is going to link your webpage to the menu that you want it to appear under. Highlight it, then select OK.

    Adding pictures to the page:
  • If you would like to add an image to the top of the page, this is also possible.
  • Go back to Website Page and double click on the page you wish to add an image to.
  • Click on the Media tab.
  • Select Browse and locate the image you would like to add.
  • Select Open. This will add the image within the box.
  • Select OK to save.
  • When you refresh this page on your website, this image will now be visible at the top.

    Adding external sites to your website:
  • If you would like to an external link so that one of your dropdown menus goes off to an external site, you can do this also.
  • Find the external website that you wish to link from your site. Copy that site (Control C).
  • Paste that site (Control V) into Notepad. This will remove any formatting that is associated with that link.
  • Go back into the Web Link that you wish to route to an external site, example: newpage, and double click to open it. Now paste in the URL section the external website and press Ok.

For more information on adding new pages to your website, and how to link these new pages, see the below PDF guide, Adding a new website page.


Please Download these instructions

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