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Creating A New Account For A Webdadi User

If you are unable to add a new user into Webdadi, it will be that you are not a super user. All new user accounts must be setup by your super user who will be in charge of that and will have the access to do that on the system.


If you are unsure who the super user is for your estate agency, please contact Webdadi and we can advise you.


To add a new user to your account, please follow these instructions.

  • Log into Webdadi
  • Select Contacts, from the left menu
  • Choose an office, then select Add
  • Add the name of the person who you wish to have access to the system, ensuring you include their email address so they can log in.
  • On the Details page, ensure you have selected an office for this person at the bottom of the page within Contact Details (they will still see all information for all offices, but you must have selected one office)
  • Click onto the Additional tab.
  • Click on the Active box in the bottom box.
  • Create a password for the user that you can share with them later.
  • Click Apply to save this password change.
  • Now click back onto the Additional Tab again. You now need to setup their Webdadi User Rights.

Setting up Webdadi User Rights for your staff:


The level of access you give your staff will determine if they can add properties, contacts, send out marketing emails and amend the content on your website.


For a full list of Webdadi User Rights contact the helpdesk and they will provide the guide and user rights.


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