Adding a new geographical area or area guide


How to add geographical areas to your website or to update the postcodes displaying in an area

If your website has a search by area feature or a registration page for users to sign up to property alerts, you are able to amend and add new areas should you wish to.

To add a new area:

  • Log into Webdadi
  • Click on the Configuration (left menu)
  • Click on the down arrow next to Geographical Areas
  • Select Add
  • Name the area with Area Name
  • Leave Profile blank 
  • In Postcodes, add the first 2-3 letters for any postcodes where properties will be displayed when a user selects the area followed by a space bar and the star symbol. Example ,SW15 * or ,N1 *
    NOTE: Postcodes can be added in the following ways:

    ,SW15 * - Written like this will return all SW15 properties
    ,SW16 2 - Written like this will return all SW15 2 properties

    Multiple postcodes can be added to an area in the following way:

    ,SW15 *,SW16 *, SW4 *

    NOTE: Separate the areas with a comma and no spaces

To update an existing area:

  • Stay logged into Geographical Areas, from the Configuration menu
  • Press List to display all areas currently listed
  • Double click on the area you wish to update
  • Make the changes to the page within the Description field, Transport, Schools and names.
  • Postcodes can be added or updated as per the above formatting (see section To add a new area
  • If you wish to update the images that display on the main Area Guide page, or within the individual area, click on the Media tab.
  • Select Browse and locate the new high res image you wish to add. Select Open to add it to Webdadi.
  • Select Ok to save.

Please Download these instructions