Adding a featured property

How to add a new featured property, or delete an existing property, on your featured properties list (typically displayed on your home page)

Here are the instructions on how to update the Featured Properties on your home page:

  • Log into Webdadi
  • Click on Configuration (left menu)
  • Click on the drop down arrow next to Geographical Area
  • Select Featured Property and then press List
  • Double click on featured to show all of the current featured properties displayed on your website. Click on the Properties tab.
  • To ADD a new featured property, select Add. Search for the property you would like to add. Highlight the property and select Ok. This will add the property to the list.
  • To REMOVE a featured property, highlight the property you wish to remove and right click. Select Remove.
  • Select Ok to save changes.
    NOTE: The Summary field (under the Details tab) must always be named featured and not be changed at any point or it will stop the featured properties from diplaying on your website.

Please Download these instructions

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