Adding a contact


How to add a contact within Webdadi

When adding a contact, follow the instructions below:

  • Log in to Webdadi
  • Select Contacts on the left hand side
  • Click on the Add button at the top next to the Search button.
  • Add the Title, First Name and Last Name
  • Tick if the contact is an Applicant or Internal Staff member (you can select both if they are internal)
  • Select an office for the person to be assigned to (it doesn't matter if they are assigned to all offices).
  • Ensure you include an email address as this is the unique identifier for each contact in your Webdadi system.
  • Select Ok.

If the contact is due to log in on the same day please ensure all internet explorer windows are closed and then re-open Webdadi before logging in.


For more information on adding Contacts in Webdadi, see the PDF guide below, Adding Contacts and new office users.


Please Download these instructions