Adding a blog or amending existing blogs or news articles


How to add or update your News or Blog page on your website

You can easily add news articles to your pages along with a photo or video to enhance the content:

  • Log into Webdadi
  • Go to Configuration and select News from the dropdown menu (Manage) and select List. This will display all of your existing posts, in alphabetical order
  • To add a new post, click Add
  • A pop up page will appear that needs to be populated with your latest blog post information including the pictures, content and links.
  • Change the Summary to a suitable title. Refer to below for suggestions.
    • The summary must be in lower case and not contain any symbols, i.e. ! ? &, or it will cause the page to break when it is clicked on.
    • To make the most of your Summary for SEO purposes, it’s important to make sure it matches what the article is about. The summary forms part of the end of your unique page URL. Example below.

    Blog URL example:
  • - general blog post
  • - specific example of a blog using SEO in the title
    Now add the rest of the fields required:
  • Add a Title in the title field. This will be the title on the live page.
  • In the Description add your full blog content
  • Tick the Visible box at the bottom to ensure it will show up on your site.

    To order your blogs:
  • In the bottom left, click on the grey square to the right of the Valid From box and select the date you would like you blog to show on your site from.

If you would like more detail about blogs, including how to use tags for SEO, how to change images, and how to add PDF's to your blog posts, see the downloadable PDF guide below, Posting blogs.


And for a shorter version specifically on adding Videos to your blog posts, please see the PDF, Posting blogs - YouTube and Vimeo short guide.


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