Adding Testimonials


How to add a testimonial to your website that has come in via email or via a client

This example uses changing content on the Testimonials page.

  • Firstly go to Configuration and select Website Pages from the Manage dropdown menu; select List
  • Look for the page entitled Testimonials, from the list of available website pages
  • Double click to open it.
  • Select the tab titled Items
  • In here you can amend the existing testimonials, move the order of the existing ones, and add new testimonials.
    To change an existing testimonial:
  • Simply double click on the testimonial you wish to change, and then make the amendments in Content and Content1 fields.
  • After you have amended the testimonial, click Ok to save.

    To delete an existing testimonial:
  • From the Items tab, highlight the testimonial you wish to delete.
  • Right click and select Remove.
  • Click Ok. This will remove it immediately from your page.

    To add a new testimonial:
  • Click on the Items tab. Select Add from the top right.
  • This will bring you to the WebsitePageItem popup. Click on the Add button so you can add an individual page item containing your new testimonial.
  • Add a name for your testimonial in the Summary field at the top, ensuring you do not leave any spaces or symbols. Instead of using a space you may use the “-“ (hyphen) sign.
  • Add a Title in the title field. This will be the title you will remember your testimonial as. It will not appear on your website. Example. John Doe, Fulham, testimonial
  • In the Content field add your full testimonial. You can copy and paste from email or text.
  • In Content1 add the name of the testimonial and their location if you would like this to appear below the testimonial. Example John Doe, Fulham.
  • Tick the Visible box at the bottom to ensure it will show up on your page.
  • Select Ok to save the testimonial.
  • Now you must select the WebsitePageItem you just saved. Scroll to the bottom of the list to find it. Highlight it and select Ok.
  • The new testimonial will now show up at the bottom of the list. However you can highlight it in the Items list and move it up or down by using the Move up or Move down blue link on the top right.

For more information on Testimonials, refer to the PDF guide below, Adding Testimonials to your website.

Please Download these instructions

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