Adding PDF printable details to a property

High quality brochures

You can add your own PDF brochures onto Webdadi, or you can generate them using Webdadi through our Media Maker system. The instructions how to add the PDF brochures onto Webdadi are below:

  • Log into Webdadi
  • Select Property on the left hand side of the home screen
  • Search for the property
  • Double click or right click and select Modify
  • Click on the Media tab
  • Click on Browse and find the PDF brochure you would like to upload
    Double click next to the PDF icon; Type in the name for this PDF - e.g. Putney property details.
  • Right click on the property again; Change the status from Approved, not on web to Approved, on web
  • Click on OK

The brochure can then be seen on the website under the section Additional Features. Viewers can click on the PDF and open it.


Please Download these instructions

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