Adding a Mortgage Calculator, Affordability Calculator or Stamp Duty Calculator


How to put calculators onto your website for your customers to use while looking at properties

These calculators can be useful as a quick check for your customers.


Here is how to add one of the calculators to a website page on your website. You can either add it as an existing Website Page, or create a new page specifically to host this calculator.

  • Log into Webdadi and click Configuration from the left-hand menu
  • Click the drop down menu (beside Manage – pictured above) and select Website Page. Click List, to the right. Find the Website Page you would like to add the calculator to and double click it to open this website page. Or select Add to create a new one.
  • To add a calculator to a page, scroll down to the Template field and add the codes as per the below summary for the calculator type you wish to have on that page.
  • If you would like to add a Window Title to this page you can also add this in here.
  • After you have added this code, select Ok to save the changes.
  • Changes will take effect immediately on your website.

    Template codes to insert (as per example on the right):
    The Lettings Affordability Calculator:

    The Stamp Duty Calculator:

    The Mortgage Calculator:

For more information please see our user guide called Adding Calculators to your website below. 


Please Download these instructions

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