Accessing Webdadi from home


Using Webdadi from different locations, other than your office PC

It is possible to use Webdadi from home, provided you continue to use it with Internet Explorer via a PC. 

  • Go to your website internet address with “/v5” on the end of it. E.g.  You will need to have a static IP address. (An internet address that does not change; You can contact your ISP about this.)

The first time you use Webdadi from a new location you will need to perform setup my webdadi at this new location (computer). To do this follow these steps:

  • Click on your website address with the website, example with http:// in front
  • When the grey login screen appears, click on setup my webdadi above the username box.
  • Click Run
  • Click Yes
  • Click Ok. This adds Webdadi as a trusted web site and enables all features to function correctly.
  • Close Internet Explorer (all windows) and then restart Internet Explorer.
  • Go back to log in screen and add you access details.
  • NOTE: from now on you can click Remember me so you don’t need to type in your password again.

 For more information, refer to the user guide below called Setup my Webdadi for any computer.


Please Download these instructions