A property is not showing up on the portal websites


Settings in Webdadi may cause a property not to be sent to the portals

When a property is not showing up on the portals this may be an issue with the settings of the property within Webdadi, and something that you can fix within Webdadi.


Webdadi allows users to set the number of bedrooms, receptions and bathrooms to Hidden, which is a useful feature, but does not get accepted by other portals. If one of these fields are set to Hidden the property will not appear on any of the portals. If for any reason you have a house or apartment that doesn't have these rooms in it, set the value to '0' rather than hidden to ensure the property will still export.


The other reason why a property might not be showing up is because the option Hide from public website or Exclude from portals at the bottom of the property page, may be ticked. To check this:

  • Log into Webdadi
  • Click on Property from the blue menu on the left
  • Search for the property you wish to check
  • Double click on that property to open it
  • Check that the option Hide from public website is not ticked. Also check that Exclude from portals is also not ticked.

Please Download these instructions